January 16, 2013 12:00 AM

GAF Introduces Advanced Protection® TPO At “Standard” TPO Prices

GAF announces two new additions to its EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO product line: 50 mil and 70 mil thicknesses. The addition of these new thicknesses will allow contractors to offer the next-generation performance advantages of EverGuard Extreme TPO, but at prices that are competitive with “standard” 60 mil and 80 mil TPO. This combination of performance and price has never before been available in the roofing industry.




In 2012, GAF introduced EverGuard Extreme TPO, a patent-pending, next-generation TPO roofing membrane in 60 mil and 80 mil thicknesses. Unlike standard TPO, EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO incorporates proprietary technology that resists the damaging effects ofhigh heat and UV, resulting in a TPO membrane with next-generation weathering performance. EverGuard Extreme can even meet the extremely demanding performance requirements of roofs that includebuilding-integrated solar systems. These high-heat applications can literally “fry” standard TPO membranes after surprisingly short periods of use. EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO exceeds not only the weathering and heat-aging standards of D6878 but also all of the other critical performance standards—in fact, its performance far exceeds the minimum requirements!




Now, with the introduction of new 50 mil and 70 mil thicknesses, contractors can offer their customers the performance advantages of EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO at prices that are extremely competitive with standard 60 mil and 80 mil TPO—and with equivalent guarantees (see EverGuard Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee for complete coverage and restrictions). 




“When we first introduced EverGuard Extreme TPO, it was targeted at the solar and high-heat markets. But with the addition of our new 50 mil and 70 mil thicknesses at competitive pricing, the products can be used to replacestandard 60 mil and 80 mil TPO in virtually any conventional TPO application,” stated Brian Impellizeri, marketing manager at GAF. “Why would anyone pass up the performance advantages of EverGuard ExtremeAdvanced Protection TPO, when they can get it for virtually the same price and guarantee coverage as standard TPO?”



About GAF

Founded in 1886, GAF has become the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. The company’s products include a comprehensive portfolio of steep-slope and commercial roofing systems, which are supported by an extensive national network of factory-certified contractors. Its success is driven by its commitment to Advanced Quality, Industry Expertise, and Solutions Made Simple for contractors, specifiers, and property owners alike. In 2011, GAF was the first roofing manufacturer to offer a Lifetime limited warranty on all of its laminated shingles and, in 2012, it introduced the GAF Lifetime Roofing System.


With a focus on social responsibility, GAF has developed Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, which provides superior durability and wind resistance while reducing the use of scarce natural resources. The company has also developed single-ply and asphaltic membranes with superior durability and high reflectivity to meet the most rigorous industry standards while helping commercial property owners and designers reduce energy consumption.


GAF also supports the roofing industry through CARE, the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, which has provided education to over 125,000 professionals. CARE’s mission is to help professional contractors and distributors build their businesses through sales and management education, and to provide product and installation training to contractors, distributors, architects, property owners, and related industry personnel.

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