Mark Sullivan

 “Look beyond the industry – we are on the cutting edge of technology: new tools, strategy, and using data to drive our company. This is where I can make a difference while learning to become a leader.”

Mark Sullivan is currently a Supply Chain Analytics Engineer. After 4 summer internships at GAF within marketing and logistics, Mark graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS, Industrial Engineering. Mark started at GAF in January 2016 as a Distribution Analyst. He has since been promoted twice and is the recipient of our prestigious Raise the Roof Impact Award. 

Q: How would you describe the culture at GAF?


The culture here equals being open to opportunities. If something is available and you want it, you should go and get it. The company is becoming more advanced. We can look at other companies as an inspiration to help us continue to innovate and improve ourselves. I love working here because innovation is wanted here almost over anything else. It gives GAF that culture that rewards you for asking questions, finding problems, and going out to do something about it.

Q: What convinced you to come work at GAF after graduation?


I interned at GAF for multiple summers. I noticed that every time I talked to classmates about what they did as compared to what I did for summer internships, my work was way higher of a level and more exciting compared to theirs. I was always being pushed to do big things and take on big projects. That plus the people I worked with in my department both contributed to my wanting to work here after graduation. 

Q: Do you think life as a recent graduate at GAF is different- why/how?


I feel I am very entrepreneurial which GAF allows for. GAF has the resources to do big things- but is not perfect, and leads the opportunity to keep growing. There is still room to grow and develop. We also have the horsepower and bandwidth (with the size) to go after those unicorn projects and succeed. Working in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment is important for millennials- we want to know we are making a difference.

Q: How do you stay motivated and inspired?


I am motivated by the fact that I can fully complete projects. I have been able to go back to projects I started as an intern and follow through and own them. Since joining GAF full time, GAF has opened the doors for me to take web classes from MIT in Supply Chain Management, as well as Data Science courses to further my skill sets and bring in new concepts to our analytics team.

Q: Any words of wisdom for students?


Look beyond the industry- we are on the cutting edge of technology, new tools, strategy and using data to drive our company. 

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