No Limits to Opportunities - Amy O.

“I love working at GAF because I am not interested in doing the same thing every day, and here I am never bored, it’s always fast paced and ever changing. I feel there are no limits to the opportunities here.”

Amy Ochsenreiter relocated from Pittsburgh, PA and started as an Analyst in our Solar Marketing group in January 2015. She earned her BS in Environmental Science from Allegheny College and Masters in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainability from the University of Pennsylvania where she currently sits on the Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership Alumni Board. She currently manages GAF's residential solar business.

Q: What would you say to recent graduates about the opportunities at GAF?


I have received so much support from people of all ages and tenure in the company- people are always open and willing to listen to ideas. There is no limit to who you can speak to or work with. 

Q: How has your involvement with solar resonated with your career goals?


I could not have written a better job description for myself if I tried. I can work with every department every day of the week. I am not interested in doing the same thing every day- here, I am never bored, it’s always fast paced and ever changing.

My boss and team bring me into everything, which has led me to make a lot of connections through my career at GAF. I have enjoyed progression into management from an analyst. I don’t believe I would have gotten the opportunities I did here at any other company.

Q: What do you like best so far about your path at GAF?


There is so much happening at the company, so many people willing to come in and be creative and to take on projects. The company is so open to the entrepreneurial spirit at this point. You can also pick up many hats to try things outside your normal comfort zone at GAF.

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Start Your Journey Here

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