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This residential contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor. GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best warranties.

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  • "Amber was so helpful during the whole process of getting our roof replaced. She helped us so much with our insurance company and quickly got us scheduled for a roof replacement. The Roof it Right team was quick and efficient replacing our roof and completed it in just one day! A wonderful group of people work at Roof It Right and I highly recommend using them for any roofing needs!"

    - M.N, Apr 12, 2023

  • "Amber Walker was great to work with! She helped me get my roof replaced and had great communication and kept me updated the whole time."

    - T.H, Apr 12, 2023

  • "My interaction w/ the gentleman that did our initial inspection & the workers that worked on our roof was sufficient. We had a gutter fall off 2 days after & cause damage to a neighbor’s property, but thankfully she was nice about it. Roof it Right sent someone that night to come reattach it. However, I had the displeasure of interacting w/ Patty Irías. Our insurance had been contacted before we communicated w/ Roof it Right. When I initially spoke to Patty after we had our payout, we were interested in a few of the upgrades discussed during inspection that were most likely not covered by insurance. Patty was INSISTENT (to the brink of pompous) that their company would be contacting our insurance to make sure that every possible line item that could be covered by our insurance was paid out. Insisting that this was something that sets them above the rest & is superior customer service. She explained that some insurances have a premium option that allows for code upgrades, etc. I submitted a copy of our policy paperwork, which Ms. Irías now claims was never received— despite the fact that she had me submit additional forms. We didn’t hear back until the company called to schedule our install—we were ready to not have to worry about roof issues & went ahead. Price was discussed very late in the process. Fast forward to the day we pay our final bill. I contacted our insurance to see if any other items would be covered because we hadn’t heard anything. Lo & behold, they had, had 0 communication from Patty or Roof it Right. So our claim adjuster then sent a request for info to Roof it Right. Patty just called me today to ask why they are contacting them & what exactly it is that they want. I explained that my insurance had not been contacted as I had initially been told they would. She is now saying that I told her that they wouldn’t cover more so they didn’t bother. Which is in contrast to the fact that I sent her screenshots of our premium & the contact info for the insurance company & our adjuster (via email w/ response.) Also why would anyone ask to not potentially be saved money?! Ridiculous. I don’t expect more to be covered, admittedly, especially at this point in the process, but Patty was insistent that they would be ensuring that every penny that insurance could cover would be found. It’s just poor customer service to tout that your company goes above & beyond & then to not do it and act like any part of communicating w/ an insurance company is confusing. The invoice itself— nobody went over why our job went a few hundred over the estimate. Nobody walked us around to explain what installation/work plans were before or after. We had to ask if they were done when they were leaving. I still have an 6 foot long cord from the removed satellite dish hanging from the back of our house. When it came to the payment, I did not see a fine print item on that said that there would be a 3.5% charge for using a credit card. That’s fine, I misread it. But that should be in the contract, not fine print. Also, I spoke to Patty on the phone & explained that we would need to split the transaction to 2 different credit cards because we didn’t have one with a high enough limit. She did not mention the charge @ that time either. 3 weeks after making the 2nd payment, a month+ after install, we received what seemed like a random request for ~$200 for the surcharge. Why not communicate about payment before hand & make sure that everything is understood and then add the card surcharge on to the initial charge? We have had to work with several contractors & the credit surcharge is always added on to the payment at the time of payment. Because of this additional charge that we hadn’t budgeted for, we will have to pay with a credit card. Next month am I going to receive a $6 bill for that surcharge? Just overall abominable communication. I have felt like an afterthought at almost every turn, things communicated after, rarely before. Patty seems to be too busy to work with clients in this capacity."

    - E.R, Mar 29, 2023

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