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NEWPRO Home Improvement - Residential Roofing company serving New England and the Boston Metro area with exceptional roof replacement services. NEWPRO, for over 70 years and three generations same family owned and operated, has been serving New England homeowners exceptional home improvement products and services including replacement windows, doors, siding and roofing, bath replacement/wall surround systems, and walk-in tubs and showers. With NEWPRO expect nothing less than superior performing home improvement products combined with expert installation and best in the industry warranties and outstanding customer support. NEWPRO offers a comprehensive in-home project evaluation including a project quote based on the homeowner needs. See for yourself why thousands of homeowners for over 70 years have selected NEWPRO for their home improvement project. Experience the NEWPRO difference for yourself!

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  • "FINAL UPDATE!! Today was the day of install. The men who came to install were once again fantastic! Our window fits and looks beautiful! They took the time to tell us how to properly maintain and clean the window. The window feels like great quality material. Here are the updated pictures of final product. UPDATE! So I'd like to take a moment to update my review. Brad reached out from customer support and acknowledged our issue. That was our biggest frustration with our problem was lack of communication. After Brad took the time to listen to my concerns and issues I feel relieved. All I wanted to know was that someone was aware there was an issue and let us know what to expect next. I'm hoping once our window is installed I'll be back to update this with new pictures and a 5 star review! I'd like to start by saying our sales rep Bruno has been nothing short of fantastic!! We went through the process of ordering a replacement picture window. Bruno answered every single question I had thoroughly and I had lots of them. We decided to move forward and order the window. We were told about 12 weeks so they could make the window. That was fine with us. We assumed the quality would be worth the wait. Someone came out to measure in a timely fashion. This is where everything has gone down the toilet! The person who came to measure was at my house less then 5 min. It should have been a huge red flag for me I guess. Anyway we were told our window was in the process of being made. Finally the day came for the install. I was super excited. The 2 installers were fabulous! Here comes the fun part...the window did NOT fit! We were told that the person who came to measure has been making incorrect measurements frequently. Apparently he now has a different area of work he does for newpro. I understand problems happen! What I am not ok with is that no one besides our sales rep has even acknowledged that this has even happened. Bruno reached out to his manager who was supposed to get back to him or us. Still crickets weeks later. We are still weeks out from our original install date with absolutely ZERO information or even an apology. No answers. Nothing. Who knows if we will even get a new window since no one seems to even acknowledge that we have an issue. Our trim inside was removed then reattached with broken pieces while we wait for a supposed new correctly measured window. Use newpro at your own risk because if something goes wrong you are on your own with zero help from the company! I'm thanking the gods that we didn't decide to do my siding with them as well!"

    - H.R, Sep 19, 2023

  • "After years of trying to work with this company, I am having to seek legal help because no one wants to call me back to fix the problem once and for all. Our relationship started by Newpro being recommend to me. Great first experience from the salesman and the scheduling crew. My first install was done, 9 windows in less than 7 hours. This should have been a red flag but you trust a company to train their installers to do the job correctly... THE FIRST TIME. You can see by my picture, those installers left holes around the windows and never insulated or sealed any of it. I emailed Newpro the pictures of the holes and they called me right away. The next set of installers that came out to my home had to reinstall them and seemed to do everything correctly. Winter came and my daughter tried to open her window because it was hot in her room and it was frozen shut. I tried all of the upstairs windows and they were all frozen. It was so frozen that there was no way of getting them open again until the temperature changed outside (this continued all winter long). I contacted Newpro the next business day and explained that all of our bedroom windows are frozen shut and we could not get out of our home if there were an emergency. They seemed to be empathetic and called me right away. I had to put a baseball bat next to our windows to break them if there was an emergency, that is how serious this was. Imagine being a single mother and trying to sleep each night, knowing that her 10 year old daughter and myself couldn't get out of our home if there was a fire or other emergency. Newpro sent out a project manager to look at the windows. He was blaming the manufacturer, until he saw a dehumidifier in my bedroom. This was just sitting in there, not on. Then he shifted the blame to moisture in my home. I explained that this wasn't an issue and even if it was, why are all 9 windows freezing shut? The manager that I had been working with, who is by far the most unprofessional manager, and I truly believe doesn't like working with a woman (I will withhold his name), had me put moisture readers in each room and send him pictures throughout that winter. Again, not fixing the problem and we were still facing an issue of not being able to escape from our home if something happened. Last November, a senior installer came to my home and he took one window off the front part of my home and said that it was the installers that caused this. He's seen this before and it has to do with the metal inside the window, condensation and then the cold temps freezing them shut. He was able to fix 5 of the windows before there was too much snow. This appeased me because we could at least exit the home from those windows if there was an emergency. I was told that I would receive a call in the spring to schedule the remaining windows. I've heard nothing from that manager since December 17, 2022. He was still trying to blame the humidity in my home, even after his senior installers fixed the others and I had no issue this past winter. I had also sent him pictures, showing the ice buildup when I could get the window open. It was clear as day that this was not a humidity issue. I called their office two weeks because it is now September and I believed they would call, like they said they would. I was just looking to find out when they are coming back out to complete the job. I was told that I'd hear by the end of the day. I did say that I do not want to hear back from that manager and that I'd like his manager to call me. I received nothing. I left another voicemail today. I do not recommend this company to anyone. This company clearly doesn't work well with woman and thinks they don't have to answer for their mistakes. I just want to warn others! I will be seeking my attorney's help getting my home back to normal and to hold them accountable, so they do not do this to anyone else! I'll update this as things progress. No one should be dealing with this and I'm hopeful that they make it right, very soon!"

    - J.S, Sep 13, 2023

  • "Claude was the first person from NewPro that we we had the pleasure of meeting, he was very professional took time to answer all of our questions. The team that installed our siding was very professional very clean and considerate. Todd was another person we had direct contact with also very professional. We give NewPro 10+ stars."

    - S.G, Aug 30, 2023

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4.5 (74)

GAF Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers with verified GAF purchases

  • - R.G, | Boston MA
    Sep 21, 2021

  • - R.F, | Norwell MA
    Jul 26, 2021

  • - T.G, | Leicester MA
    Jul 26, 2021

4.5 (74)

GAF Reviews

Contractor reviews from customers with verified GAF purchases

  • - R.G, | Boston MA

  • - R.F, | Norwell MA

  • - T.G, | Leicester MA

  • - M.T, | Lynn MA

  • "I%27m very pleased with GAF installation."

    - S.M, | Lawrence MA


    - J.D, | Auburn MA

  • - F.S, | Salem NH

  • - J.W, | Concord NH


    - L.G, | Somerville MA

  • "Diligent and Hard Working"

    - D.L, | Amesbury MA

  • - J.K, | Pembroke MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Maynard MA

  • - S.B, | Bellingham MA


    - M.K, | Taunton MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Taunton MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Medford MA

  • "Was courteous and knowledgeable"

    - B.T, | Weymouth MA


    - J.R, | Manchester MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Everett MA

  • - D.M, | Billerica MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Gloucester MA


    - J.J, | Bourne MA

  • - L.S, | Boston MA

  • "Very professional crew%2C respectful and friendly."

    - N.R, | Brockton MA


    - J.D, | Riverside RI

  • - K.P, | Salem MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Hudson NH

  • - N.W, | Saugus MA

  • "Contractor was Great"

    - D.J, | Dracut MA

  • "Quality workmanship"

    - J.D, | Nashua NH


    - E.B, | North Billerica MA

  • - P.P, | Pawtucket RI

  • - J.C, | Needham MA

  • - C.M, | Winthrop MA


    - J.S, | Lakeville MA

  • - J.P, | Holbrook MA


    - L.R, | Cranston RI

  • - J.N, | East Dennis MA

  • - W.S, | Lynn MA

  • "Great job%21"

    - R.L, | Mapleville RI

  • "everything they told me they did"

    - O.F, | Revere MA


    - G.P, | Portsmouth NH


    - L.J, | Contoocook NH

  • - R.M, | Revere MA


    - E.D, | haverhill MA


    - S.C, | Somerset MA


    - S.S, | Cranston RI

  • - E.M, | Moultonborough NH


    - P.K, | Ashaway RI


    - C.E, | Gloucester MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Westerly RI


    - J.J, | Norton MA

  • - M.G, | Lowell MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Andover MA

  • "Very knowledgeable on products"

    - C.L, | Center Barnstead NH

  • - R.K, | Woburn MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Methuen MA

  • - G.M, | Randolph MA


    - W.S, | Lunenburg MA


    - J.M, | Peterborough NH

  • - J.S, | Bellingham MA


    - M.R, | Swansea MA


    - P.C, | Lynn MA

  • "Top Notch professional roof."

    - A.D, | Peabody MA

  • "If I knew what I knew now."

    - J.J, | Hyde Park MA

  • - L.M, | Dedham MA

  • - A.C, | Bellingham MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Candia NH


    - I.T, | Medford MA

  • - R.J, | Pembroke NH


    - R.R, | North Berwick ME

  • - P.P, | Hampton NH

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Chichester NH

  • - R.E, | Jamaica Plain MA

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