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Affordable Roofing Systems Inc
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This commercial contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor.GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best guarantees and warranties.

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  • "I called Affordable Roofing to replace my roof because it's 20 years old now, and they got me on their list and had the permits pulled and were ready to take action in about 3 weeks, which is incredible! Unbelievably, the price they gave me was much lower than I had been anticipating, so I still have money in the bank AND a new roof! Those insurance companies are gonna love me now! The work was done in 3 days with very little aggravation to us or our neighbors, which was nice. They took photos during the process to document everything they did and why, so there were no questions when the final bill was provided. David Torres and his team, Jan and Jeremiah notably, worked together for an exceptional result. Thanks, guys!"

    - D.W, Aug 18, 2022

  • "Some details of my experience are good but overall the amount they charged me I expect better quality. And at least touch up the scard finish. I paid 26,000.00 + for a roughly 1200 sq ft homes standing seam roof with pto for one section. When I tried to communicate to the metal foreman some of my concerns he called me and said” My office just called me yelling about this and that” and was super rude to me the buyer! I just went up today to look at the job for the time since they were totally considered as done. Im not happy noticing all the scratches, the poorly cut metal in places, the lack of good caulking here and there, the poorly matched rattle can spray painted vent boots, the stains all over the PTO bucket rust rings and accidental glue spills, The decking screws in places weren’t properly set into decking before metal pans flopped down. I asked for this roof to be installed in order to 1. Have a nice roof to be proud of. 2. In order to have the ability to insulate the decking as a large portion of my roof is cathedral and flat roofed and was poorly insulated as built. 3. We are on a mission to make our house something to be proud of as it looks fairly used currently. Right from the start at signing of contract I tried to negotiate a small discount by saying if I pay upon completion can I get the amount off the total that your company would have to pay to finance this job, I received a stern no this is the price no discounts for not financing? So I said screw it finance me then. As far as adding insulation panels they only put panels under the metal over my cathedral ceiling area, I noticed they didn’t even put it under my flat roof’s PTO area and called them out before it had its perimeter edging, there where 15 panels under my carport not used. And they said we know you are having roof done because of your lack of insulation but it wasn’t in the contract to insulate under the PTO , Dan the metal foreman said he negotiated for me a $250.00 credit because no insulation was placed under PTO. Hmm. Wonder why they gave me the credit? Strongly advise if you hire them you need to take off work and perch yourself up on roof while they are doing the job and ask tons of questions along the way. Unfortunately for me I work and couldn’t take off to get multiple bids and take off to accept one of those bids. Also when I had to make the final payment for the extra wood and boards payment I was ready to provide my bank card over phone from my office they informed me I would need to be home to give them a check. Sorry I cant just take random days off as I own and operate an air-conditioning company. I was floored to know they wanted to charge me some percentage to use my bank card! I have never tried to charge one of my customers a percentage to run their bank card. This was the straw that broke the camels back. A month went by and I said let me climb up and see my new roof. Not impressed. Sincerely Dale Gleason."

    - D.G, Jul 31, 2022

  • "Had our old roof removed & a new one installed. This company did a beautiful job. They were prompt & professional every step of the way. Highly recommend them. I wish every contractor company was like this!"

    - C.F, Jul 20, 2022

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