GAF roof shingle colors

Whatever your style, find the perfect GAF roof shingle color to complement your home.

Get inspired by GAF roofing shingle colors

GAF shingles are built to help protect your home, and they’re designed to beautify it too. We’ve made it easy to enhance the look of your home and heighten its curb appeal by offering a wide array of roof shingle colors in our most popular styles.

Weathered Wood

It’s no surprise more GAF customers have been inspired by the rich tones and neutral highlights of Weathered Wood than any other shingle color. Weathered Wood brings out the ultra-dimensional wood-shake look of our Timberline HDZ® shingles exceptionally well.

Sunset shadows, all day long

Dual Shadow Line technology precisely distributes color granules to create two parallel shadow lines, which gives the Timberline® UHDZ shingle a thicker, ultra-dimensional wood-shake look than our Timberline® HDZ shingles.


Pewter Gray



Your Home
Roof Shingle Color Trends for 2022
Roofing renovations were a top exterior upgrade in 2021, and continue to dominate the home improvement market in 2022. As you might plan to renovate or replace your roof, it makes sense to also think about what roof shingle color you should choose.


Black & Gray roof shingles

Gray is a calming, neutral color sitting between the extremes of black and white allowing to be a great backdrop when combining with other colors. It is the transition of light to dark, giving you the freedom to explore the range in between.

Black is a formal and dignified color that gives a sense of sophistication. As a roof shingle color it is often paired with white homes, but it can provide an elegant contrast to almost any paint, siding, or brick color.


Pewter Gray

Oyster Gray


Fox Hollow Gray



Williamsburg Slate


Brown & Red roof shingles

Brown is simple and dependable. Its earthy shades offer a sense warmth while allowing other colors on a home to appear richer and brighter.

Red is confident and romantic. It’s a bold alternative for those seeking a unique alternative to black roof shingles on a white home.

Weathered Wood



Mission Brown

Patriot Red


Sunset Brick


Beige & Gold roof shingles

Beige is flexible and calming. In a roof shingle, it helps balance boldness and offers a relaxed, blended look with like-colored exteriors.

Gold is associated with luxury and extravagance but its closeness to yellow gives it feeling of warmth and happiness.

Copper Canyon


Golden Amber

Golden Harvest


Blue & Green roof shingles

Green is the color of balance and renewal. Another roof shingle color that is often found on white homes, it gives a sense of sustainability and harmony with nature.

Blue is the color of tranquility and security. Resembling both sky and sea, it comfortably blends into its surroundings.

Hunter Green

Biscayne Blue

Additional shingle color resources

Consider a color that not only complements your house but also your neighborhood. A certified GAF contractor is also a great resource for figuring out the best roof shingle color for you. To get a feel for how a color works with your home, try our Virtual Remodeler.

GAF shingle styles

Our shingles fit with both current and historical home designs. Looking for a roof that works well with your home and complements what’s in your community? Start by looking at similar homes in your neighborhood and take note of their roofing shingles. Contractors can help you identify the products.

3-Tab Shingles
The perfect choice for first-time buyers, these shingles add beauty and performance to any roof.
Architectural Shingles
More homeowners in North America rely on Timberline® Shingles than any other brand. They offer just the right combination of beauty, performance, and reliability
Designer Shingles
Sophisticated designs, custom color palettes, and high performance, GAF Designer Shingles are only a fraction of the cost of traditional slate or wood shakes
The best roof shingles not only help protect your family's most important investment but also provide attractive curb appeal that can increase your home's value. GAF's new line of architectural shingles, Timberline® UHDZ™, Ultra High DefinitionTM Shingles improve upon their high-quality legacy products by combining the latest technology with an added beauty that delivers extended benefits for homeowners.
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Your roof is central to your home's exterior aesthetic. Your roof style, shingle type, and color palette all work together with other architectural elements to give your home lasting curb appeal. When a beautiful home's exterior design successfully balances all of these elements, the results will bring satisfaction for years to come.