How to serve your customers while social distancing

Everything can be done at the recommended distance

Thanks to tools like digital measurement and video conferencing, there’s no need to meet face-to-face with your customer. Each step of the process — from the initial consultation to installation — can be done while respecting the social distancing practices that protect your crew and customers. Before starting any roofing project, check your state and local government websites to be sure that there are no restrictions on providing roofing services and always follow current social distancing and safety guidelines.

Selling Solutions with GAF Project | GAF Roofing
Step One
Digital Measurement
Before meeting with the property owner, you can order an aerial roof report from any number of services, including Eagleview or GAF QuickMeasure.

For commercial contractors, GAF QuickMeasure now includes parapet walls and penetrations.

For residential contractors, GAF e360 allows you to engage with the homeowner with an interactive 3D model of their house.
Additional Resources
Step Two
When preparing your proposal, you have options. You can drop off or overnight, copies of the proposal folders and brochures you currently use. You can also download digital collateral and provide to the customer by using the links below or logging into the Contractor Zone for access to all collateral.

Literature to Download and Share Digitally with Customers

For commercial contractors
EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation 20 & 25 PSI Data Sheet
EverGuard® TPO Adhered Membrane Sell Sheet
EverGuard® TPO Mechanically Attached Sell Sheet
EverGuard® TPO 60 mil Membrane Data Sheet
EverGuard™ TPO Accessories Data Sheet

For residential contractors
Financing Solutions for Homeowners PDF
Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles Spec Sheet PDF
GAF Residential Full Shingles & Products Brochure PDF
The GAF Lifetime Roofing System PDF

For GAF 
Master Elite & Certified Contractors
We have provided pre-built slides to help you create custom presentations to share with your customers. Access them on the Contractor Zone under the Tools4Success tab: Remote Selling Tools.

To order printed materials, please login to the Contractor Zone.

Additional Resources
Submittals Made Simple (commercial contractors)
GAF Document Library (commercial and residential contractors)

Step Three
Virtual Conference

Using video conferencing, virtual home remodeling tools, and digital samples, you can help your customer through all of their major decisions remotely. There are lots of great video conferencing tools available including Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts. The GAF CARE Team chooses Zoom for its ease of use.

Tips for Virtual Meetings

Here are a few tips on hosting a successful video meeting.

  1. Pay attention to your background. Folks who are focused on reading the titles in your bookcase may not be focused on the important information you’re trying to share. Clean up the space behind you to remove distractions.
  2. Choose a good camera angle. The camera in your laptop computer might create the infamous “up the nose” view. If you can, locate the camera at eye-level to help create the feel of a face-to-face conversation. Also, sit far enough from the camera that you are not filling the screen. Again, create the distance you would be comfortable with if you were meeting in person.
  3. Use appropriate lighting. If you don’t have video lights, set up some gentle indirect lighting. Don’t sit in front of a bright window — the contrast makes faces hard to see.
  4. Check your audio. Some built-in computer microphones create an echoey sound, like you’re speaking in a box. If you can, use a headset microphone to create a more conversational feel.
  5. Test your system — whether it’s a simple Facetime or a more sophisticated video meeting service — before making the customer call
Additional Resources
Step Four
Payment Solutions

The uncertain environment will cause some homeowners to second-guess the expense of a new roof or repair. While that’s understandable, experienced contractors know that postponing a roof repair can lead to more damage — and greater expenses — down the line. We recommend providing payment and financing solutions that can help ease your customer’s mind. Like the other tools we’ve discussed, these payment and financing tools are completely digital, and can be processed remotely.

New! Special Rates from GreenSky

GreenSky — a GAF finance partner — has introduced new rates for this COVID period. For details, download these consumer-facing flyers.

These rates have already been added to the SmartMoney and GreenSky platforms. Not yet offering financing? Contact your Territory Manager today to get started.

DID YOU KNOW? GAF SmartMoney includes “Pre-apply for financing” and “Pay now” options for homeowners. You can e-mail or text a link to your customer that lets them pre-apply for financing before you begin the job, and pay electronically using a secure link. GAF SmartMoney is available to all GAF Factory-Certified Contractors.

Virtual Training
Successful pros keep their tools sharp and ready. That’s why GAF CARE has made some of its most useful training classes available as webinars and videos — so you can use this time to hone your skills and the skills of your crews.
How to Run an Effective Roofing Business in a Storm Environment- A 10 Part Series

Wade Baughn breaks down the fundamental skills necessary to navigate the storm market in his 10-part webinar series "How to Run an Effective Roofing Business in a Storm Environment.” Pick one topic, or all ten, and sign up to learn!

January 11, 2021 -Part 1 How to Find A Storm
January 13, 2021- Part 2-How to Get Roofing Leads
January 18, 2021 -Part 3-How to Identify Storm Damage
January 20, 2021 -Part 4-Overcoming Objections, Using Initial Contractors and Setting Customer Expectations
January 25, 2021-Part 5- Codes and Insurance Adjusters
February 1, 2021 -Part 6 - Reading the Scope (AKA the Insurance Estimate)
February 3, 2021-Part 7-Using Contracts to Upsell and Finance
February 8, 2021-Part 8 -Understanding the Install Process
February 10, 2021 -Part 9-Supplementing with Missing Code Items Using Xactimate
February 17, 2021-Part 10-Collecting Payment and Finalizing the Process

January 11 to February 17, 2021
1:00 PM EST
Sign Up
How To Start or Grow a True Service DepartmentEven when the intent is there, most roofers do not make the progress they could when trying to grow their service departments because their approach is fundamentally flawed. This presentation will focus on highlighting the true challenges a company faces, not those they think they face, in starting or growing a true service department.
Wednesday, January 27
1:00 PM EST
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CREST preloads utility cost information based on your zip code, finds rebates available in your local market, allows you to compare multiple roof designs, and generates a proposal quality report!

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Now you can accept any form of payment — and get paid more quickly — with GAF SmartMoney. 

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Preview different shingle styles and colors on a picture of the homeowner's home.

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Respond faster after a storm, and serve your customers when they need you most, with WeatherHub, the all-in-one weather platform.

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The complete aerial roofing measurement software that delivers roof measurements in under an hour for as little as $15 a report.

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As social distancing eases up little by little around the country, it's time to think about getting back to work. For some contractors, that means tackling the long list of jobs that were delayed while social distancing was in effect.
Gary Kearns of Kearns Brothers Inc, a GAF Master Elite Contractor serving the Dearborn, Michigan, area, discusses how his company's early adoption of GAF tools — including GAF SmartMoney and GAF Project — helped his company be prepared to serve customers remotely, offer financing options, and rise to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.View more social distancing resources from GAF.
Greta Bajrami, CEO of Golden Group Roofing, a GAF Master Elite Contractor serving the Westborough, Massachusetts area, discusses how her company's approach to no-contact installations — using EagleView, drones, e-mail and text — enables her crews to protect the roof while also maintaining her customers' safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.View more social distancing resources from GAF.
Danny McLaughlin of Scro's Roofing Company, a GAF Master Elite Contractor serving the community in and around Raleigh, North Carolina, offers a few tips on helping customers afford a new roof during the COVID-19 pandemic.View more social distancing resources from GAF.
Benjamin Fisher, owner of The Big Fish Contracting Company, a GAF Master Elite® Contractor serving the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, shares a handful of tips for offering excellent no-contact customer service and financing options during the COVID-19 pandemic.View more social distancing resources from GAF.
Managing cash flow can be hard enough during normal business operations; managing it during a pandemic can bring extra challenges. While roofing has been deemed an essential business in just about every state, that doesn't necessarily mean that business will continue as usual.Fortunately, there are some tips that you can follow to help you stay on top of managing your cash flow.
The COVID-19 pandemic has likely stirred anxiety around public health and the economy in your employees. In addition, now that many schools and daycares are closed, some of your employees may have to balance work with caring for their children. All this added stress makes it challenging to keep employees engaged at work.However, there are several ways you can make employees feel valued and emotionally supported during this difficult time. Here are four employee engagement tips that can help your team stay connected and engaged.
When it comes time to replace their roofs, many customers just don't have the necessary cash on hand. This is especially true in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when some customers are experiencing furloughs, layoffs, or having their work hours drastically cut.The good news is that roofing companies don't have to sit idly by waiting for consumers to save money for a roofing project. Instead, you can give your customers the option to finance their roofs. These days, many consumer purchases are being financed, from cars, to mattresses, to cell phones. A lot of companies now advertise the monthly cost, not the total purchase price, of their goods and services because manageable monthly payments tend to be much more attractive to customers than one lump sum.By offering financing, your company can book jobs during this difficult time and offer your customers a manageable monthly payment. All this while still getting paid for the project right away. It's a win-win.
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has driven marketplace changes that present our contractors with an unprecedented set of business challenges. To learn the extent of those challenges, as well as identify ways GAF can help, the company conducted an online survey from March 24 through March 30.
Now that social distancing has become standard practice, how do you continue making sales calls so your business can survive?Remote sales calls made over video conferencing tools allow you to stay in contact with prospects while keeping everyone safe. By using technology wisely, you can work to foster that one-on-one connection that helps keep your customers happy.
As the COVID-19 pandemic halts construction projects and postpones home repairs, many contractors' finances are taking a hit.Fortunately, Congress recently passed the CARES Act stimulus bill to offer economic relief to individuals and small businesses affected by the pandemic. In addition, the Small Business Administration has several loan programs that can help roofing contractors. There are also tax credits your company may qualify for.We've broken down the small business relief programs currently available to help your business get the support it needs.
The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we live, work, and interact. Social distancing is now the norm, which means businesses must find new ways to engage customers.However, you can still nurture leads and hold consultations while following recommended distancing practices. You just have to be creative in your approach, and use technology to connect with customers.

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