Modified Bitumen Roofing - Liberty SBS Base Sheet

Liberty™ SBS Self-Adhering Base/Ply Sheet


Liberty™ SBS Self-Adhering Base/Ply Sheet is a durable, modified bitumen membrane designed and manufactured to meet industry and code requirements. The product is designed for use as a waterproofing membrane and is reinforced with a glass mat, which is coated with a polymer-modified asphalt. Liberty™ SBS Self-Adhering Base/Ply Sheet is a self-adhering roofing membrane designed for use with Liberty™ SBS Self-Adhering Cap Sheet or Liberty™ SBS Self-Adhering Cap FR Sheet to provide long-lasting protection for the low-slope areas of your property. System guarantees are available for up to 20 years. Liberty™ Systems are applied without torches, open flames, hot asphalt, or messy solvent-based adhesives and are suitable for primed plywood decks and many other substrates. Technical and Sales information. can be obtained through the GAF Contractor Services Hotline, (800) 766-3411.


Liberty™ SBS Self-Adhering Base/Ply Sheet is applied using its unique self-adhering formulation.

Applicable Standards
Meets ASTM D6163, Type I
FM Approved
ICC Pending
Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval
UL/ULc Listed

Product Specifications (Nominal)
Roll Size 2 squares (216.6 gross sq. ft.) (20.1 m2)
Roll Length 66' (20.1 m)
Roll Width 39.375" (1.0 m)
Approx. Roll Weight 82 lbs (37.2 kg)
Product Thickness 0.07" (1.73 mm)

This product meets or exceeds the following ASTM D6163, Type I, minimum requirements:

Property Test Method Value
Tensile Strength @ 0°F (min), lbf/in ASTM D5147 70
Elongation @ 0°F (min), % ASTM D5147 1
Low Temperature Flexibility (max), °F ASTM D5147 0
Tear Strength (min), lbf ASTM D5147 35
Dimensional Stability, (max) % ASTM D5147 0.5

Data reported based on available independent and in-house resources. GAFMC reserves the right to change or modify, at its discretion, and without prior notice, any of the information, requirements, specifications or policies contained in this document.


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