StreetBond® FrictionCoat Aggregate System


StreetBond® FrictionCoat Aggregate System is not a coating, but rather a specially formulated aggregate system. The system includes high-PSV (Polished Stone Value), angular, 1.0 to 1.5mm calcined bauxite aggregates bound by a quick-setting polymer-modified cement. Rheology modifiers and curing agents facilitate the creation of a strong, highly textured surface. Included as friction layer in conjunction with StreetBond® SB150, StreetBond® FrictionCoat Aggregate System is an integral part of the StreetBond® Premium System which creates a highly durable and skid resistant coating.


The viscosity of the StreetBond® FrictionCoat Aggregate System material allows the applicator to create a splatter of encapsulated aggregates. These concrete “islands” of encapsulated aggregate produce high points that support vehicular traffic and significantly increase the durability of the StreetBond® Premium System compared with StreetBond® coatings alone.

StreetBond® FrictionCoat Aggregate System makes up the second layer (Friction) of the StreetBond® Premium System between the foundation and the 2 finish layers of StreetBond® SB150.

  • Friction layer of the StreetBond® Premium System for higher traffic volume situations and higher speed turning areas
  • Can be used on concrete with proper surface preparation (see Substrate Guide).

Physical Properties


35 lbs
+50°F to 105°F (Ambient)
(10°C to 40°C)
StreetBond® Colorant
See for colors


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