Built-Up Roofing (BUR) - FireOut Fire Barrier

FireOut™ Fire Barrier Coating

Eliminate costly recover boards and slip sheets with Topcoat® FireOut™ Fire Barrier Coating!

Topcoat® FireOut™ Fire Barrier Coating is a low VOC, water-based coating system that provides outstanding flame spread and penetration protection to combustible roof decks in the event of fire.

  • Superior Technology…
    Special intumescent additives minimize flame spread in the event of fire

  • Provides UL Class A Performance...
    In mechanically attached and self-adhered TPO, PVC, and modified bitumen systems

  • Self Extinguishing…
    Active coating expands in the presence of heat or flame to form a protecting, self-extinguishing layer

  • Installs up to 130% Faster…
    Simple, one step application installs in less than half the time of a gypsum board or fire resistant slip sheet application

  • Up to 43% Lower Installed Cost…
    Versus gypsum boards or multiple layers of slip sheets

  • Safer Installation …
    Less material on the roof, no loose edges

  • Keeps the Roof Drier…
    Seamless, breathable coating will not trap water if it rains before roof membrane installation

  • Easy Application…
    Choose from spray, roller, or squeegee for maximum versatility

  • Stays Flat…
    Fully bonded to the substrate, can’t wrinkle, curl, or lift

  • Lightweight…
    Less than 10% of the weight of recover board

Product Specifications (Nominal)
Application Rate 1.0 gal/100 ft2 min.
Permeance 7.8 perms
Color (wet/dry) pink/brick red
Unit sizes 5 gal (11.9L) and 55 gal (208L)

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