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U.S. Roofing is a family owned and operated business that installs, repairs, and maintains virtually every roofing system available today. We take pride in perfection; pride by producing a first-quality product in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. We've built a solid, industry-honored, customer-acclaimed business because our word is our bond. We treat every roof as if it were our roof. This continual commitment to individual customer service and installation quality is how we earn our reputation as a world class roofing corporation. This dedication is found at every level of our organization. We blend skilled craftsmanship with today's roofing technologies to insure our customers with consistent quality, timely service and competitive pricing

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Habitat for Humanity Roofer

Habitat For Humanity Roofer:

Signifies that this contractor has been awarded GAF and Habitat for Humanity's "Community Contractor" designation.

Indicates that the contractor has participated in at least two Habitat for Humanity projects, donating his time and labor and demonstrating a commitment to his local community and helping those in need.

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