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Pablo Puntiel's goal when he created Paragon Home Remodeling Group Inc was to offer the best price for the right job. Having worked in the roofing and siding industry for over fifteen years, from repairing roofs himself to managing crews, Pablo saw the two problems plaguing the roofing industry first hand. He had worked for the "cheap guy," who wowed customers with the lowest possible price only to scam them with hidden costs or leave them with shoddy workmanship. Pablo also worked for the "pricey guy." Quality and workmanship were no longer a problem, but the prices were excessive for what the job entailed. Pablo had to find the middle ground between cutting corners and overcharging. His vision is now a reality. Paragon Home Remodeling Group Inc offers reasonable prices for high-quality work: the best price for the right job. Pablo is proud of the work his company has accomplished so far, and he looks forward to future growth!. We started in this industry in 1998. We describe our business as Family owned and operated.

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9/22/2017 |


"Contractor was very knowledgeable and took pride in his work. He was very professional and presented himself well. He demonstrated that his staff was well trained in the installation of GAF shingle roofs. They did a wonderful job and I recommend them."

7/31/2017 |



4/13/2017 |


"Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

2/21/2017 |

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