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TOPCOAT® Membrane WOB (without biocide) is a water-based, brush, roll or spray-applied liquid which cures to form a seamless rubber membrane that covers the entire roof. It offers high tensile strength and elongation, and is virtually undamaged by extended exposure to solar ultraviolet energy. It is low in VOC, non-flammable, and presents minimal hazard to the applicator and the environment. Do not apply in temperatures under 42°F. TOPCOAT® Membrane WOB White is included on the list of approved potable water catchment coatings by the Bermuda Department of Health. TOPCOAT®Membrane WOB White has been tested and certified by the NSF International as an approved potable water catchment coating that complies with requirements of “NSF Protocol for Health Effects of Rainwater Catchment System Components dates August 1, 1995.” The ingredients of TOPCOAT® Membrane WOB White are listed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

TOPCOAT®W.O.B. Roofing Membrane
  • Application Rate: 1.0 to 1.75 gallons/100 sq.ft. per coat

  • Application Method: Airless sprayer, stiff brush or roller

  • Application Temp (air, surface): 42° – 120°F

  • Drying Time (75°F, 50% RH): Approximately 24 hours per coat

  • Total Solids (by weight): 71% ± 3%

  • Specific Gravity/Weight per Gallon: 1.50/12.5 lbs

  • Viscosity (75°F): 19,000 ± 3,000 cps

  • pH: 10.0 ± 1.0

  • Elongation: 375% ± 25%

  • Tensile Strength: 275% ± 25 psi

  • Low Temperature Flexibility: 35 l dry film will bend 180° @ -30°F without fracturing

  • Clean-up: Water and mild soap while wet

  • Weatherability: 1,000 hours Atlas Weather-o-meter®exposure per ASTM G-26

  • Tensile Strength: 150% of original

  • Elongation: 85% of original

  • 2,000 hours Atlas Weather-o-meter®exposure per ASTM G-26

  • No cracking, embrittlement, loss of adhesion or discoloration

  • 6,000 hours QUV®exposure, type UVB bulb, per ASTM G-53


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