Meet Your Color Expert HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder

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Learn what colors say with HGTV’s color expert Genevieve Gorder.

Meet Your Color Expert HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder
Genevieve is an anchor personality on HGTV and one of the most well-known interior designers in the country. She is the host and designer of "Dear Genevieve", host of the multi award-winning White House Christmas, a design judge on "HGTV Star", HGTV’s largest production and the upcoming star of her own design doc "Genevieve’s Renovation". Genevieve and her work have been featured in major publications all over the world as well as appearing on Rachael Ray, CNN, Oprah, HLN, Today Show, Nate Berkus, etc. Genevieve resides in Manhattan with her daughter Bebelle.

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Royal Sovereign – Charcoal
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“White implies purity and gentleness. This simple yet beautiful hue is the perfect neutral – its basic, warm white color complements both warm and cool tones. White works well with all GAF shingle colors for a simple color scheme, and is a great companion to the more colorful shingle hues of blue, green, gold and red.”

Spanish Moss

“This warm green signifies progress, rejuvenation and wellbeing. It can be found everywhere in nature and is a refreshing restful color reminiscent of spring. Spanish Moss is a modern take on an old favorite, and is one that loves to join the gold, red, black, and warm gray shingle colors.”

Dark Oak

“Dark Oak resembles kindliness and approachability. This darker shade has a hint of green that creates a happy family when used with the warm brown, gold, red and warm gray shingle color families.”


“This mid-tone beige symbolizes determination, outgoingness and loyalty. It has the patina of weathered wood, one of the most popular and desirable looks for exterior surfaces. Sagewood is a bridge color joining the warm and cool shingle color families and is a charming addition to warm brown, gold and red shingles.”

River Rock

“This down-to-earth lighter brown signifies solidity. Since brown is one of the most popular exterior hues, this light version is an ideal companion for most tones. River Rock works well with dark and warm brown shingle colors for a monochromatic scheme and is a contrasting hue for the red, blue and green shingle color families. ”

Golden Beige

“Golden Beige is the perfect blend of the warmth of brown and the crisp, coolness of white. This hue soothes your senses and eases your mind. Golden Beige provides a simple yet elegant contrast with all brown shingle colors and can be a change of pace when used with the red and blue shingle color families.”

What Your House Wants

HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse shows you styles that
bring out the best in your architecture.


"Colonial-style homes have a very square and typically more symmetrical look to them. This style is prevalent in the Northeast and Central areas, although it can be found anywhere in North America. The slate-look family of shingles is the best fit for this style (and is an indigenous roofing material that can be found in the Central and Northeast regions, where Colonial architecture is very popular). Darker colors such as grays and blacks with hints of red, blue, or other accents are a great fit for this type of home."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home:Slateline , Camelot, Camelot II


"Arguably one of the most popular architecture styles in the Western part of the United States, the Craftsman style looks great with wood-shake look shingles. Because of the style of these homes, the earth tones are a great match from a color perspective such as grays, greens, and lighter browns."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Timberline, Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon

French Country

"French Country style uses several different exterior siding combinations that create an exciting exterior portfolio. The extensive use of stone and other masonry products incorporates many different accent colors, therefore various types of shingles and colors will look good with this type of home. For a more conservative look, stick with more natural browns and grays."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Camelot, Camelot II, Slateline, Woodland


"Mediterranean/Tuscan architectural homes have a very elaborate appearance with lavish accents that require a premium-looking roof to match. Typical color roof choices for this style of home are warmer browns, reds, and reddish hues, as well as some dark grays."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Monaco, Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon


"Found in varied neighborhoods across the nation, the Modern/Contemporary home steps away from traditional architecture with its stripped-down house plan. This style home, with its irregular or unusually shaped frame, stands out due to its clean lines and lack of ornamental details. It emphasizes open, flexible spaces and large, expansive windows, often incorporating materials such as stainless steel, polished marble, and chrome."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Slateline


""Mountain homes celebrate the rustic beauty of such natural materials as native stone, rough timbers, and even recycled barn wood. These homes feature bold columns and beams, intermediate-pitched roofs, large overhangs, and massive fireplaces and chimneys. They are designed to be part of their environment, incorporating the landscape into the home and the outdoor living areas.""

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Grand Canyon, Grand Sequoia


" This was one of the most dominant architectural styles in the United States from the 1960s through present-day architecture. Ranch-style homes are characterized by their one-story design with very low-pitched roofs and very long, spread-out floor plans. In most cases, the roof will be larger than that of a two-story home, so the roof can have a big impact on the look of the home. Both style and color choices are widespread, as this architectural style matches a large variety of shingle styles and colors. Neutral tones are safe bets for this home."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Timberline

Shingle Style

"Uniquely American in its architecture, the Shingle Style home features exterior walls that are uniformly covered with shingles. This style puts more emphasis on volume and horizontal lines, and less on variety in color and materials. It is known for its asymmetrical shape, multiple eaves and gables, lack of ornamental details, and free-flowing, open plan."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Camelot, Camelot II, Woodland


"Tudor-style homes, with their steep-pitched roofs, are great for showing off an elegant roof style. They are typically found in the Northeast and Central areas and have muted tones on the front facade, accented with brown or gray cross-gables. When choosing your roof color, think about warm grays and browns that will complement the rest of the house. "

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Slateline, Camelot


"Victorian Style homes’ ornate designs and bold color choices are most complementary with slate-looking shingles. Regarding color, a bolder palette featuring colors such as reds, greens, or blended grays provides a strong contrast to the rest of the home’s color scheme and architecture."

The following shingles are recommended for this architectural style home: Sienna, Slateline

Meet Your Color Expert HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder
Carter is one of America’s most recognized lifestyle experts. As host of HGTV’s Carter Can, Red, Hot & Green, Million Dollar Rooms, Celebrity Motor Homes and a regular contributor to the Emmy® Award-Winning Rachael Ray show, Carter’s unique combination of skill, passion and charm have given him widespread appeal for families and individuals alike seeking to improve the quality of their lives by enhancing their surroundings.

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Finding a roof that fits your wants and needs is now as easy as trying on different outfits: start with a house style similar to yours, or use a picture of your own house. Either way, you’ll find this interactive experience both rewarding and fun.

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You’ve got a ton of confidence with a unique sense of style. You’re almost never inside your home - you enjoy being outdoors and taking risks. When designing your home, you want a roof that reflects your sense of adventure and rugged individualism.

Explore Grand Canyon and Grand Sequoia


Splendor is your middle name! You are elegant and charismatic, with an impeccable sense of style. Your individualism shows in your clothes. Every object around your house shows that you don’t settle for anything but the best.

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You are exhilarating, confident and popular. You enjoy company, including four legged ones. You believe every detail of a house defines its owner … even the kind of shingle that beautifully frames your home.

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You express yourself through your hands. When decorating your home, you like to go with an earthy palette with the sophisticated touch of hand made items. You want to see it on your roof.

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You are extremely detailed, accountable, and trustworthy. No one can deny that you are well-organized and pay close attention to detail – especially when it comes to design. Your love for color and style is reflected in your new roof.

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You never settle for the expected and obvious. You like surprises and enjoy surprising others. You enjoy adding personal touches to every corner of your house to create a sense of uniqueness … including your roof.

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You are independent, unique and strong-minded. You like what’s new and fresh. You make your own imprint as soon as you walk into your new house. It’s the reason you wanted your new roof to be just as unique as you are.

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