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The Solar Decision

For over 125 years, GAF has been helping people improve and protect the value of their homes by optimizing their roofs. A Solar System from GAF can help optimize your roof even more. Here’s why:

You could pay less for power right away. Solar simply makes financial sense. With a solar roof, you may pay less than your current utility rate. Recent studies have shown that solar-generated electricity is currently cheaper than electricity from the grid in 42 of the 50 largest U.S. cities.1 Your actual electricity savings will depend on your energy usage, location, utility company, effects of tiered pricing, electricity pricing regulations, surcharges, availability of incentives in your area,2 and other variables.

It’s possible to pay little or no money up front. Multiple payment options are available from our financing partners. Learn more about your financing options.

GAF Solar™ States

You’ll find us in CA, CO, MA, NJ, NY, and TX. We’re sorry that we’re not yet in every state. But we’re working on it and expanding rapidly, so leave us your contact information and we’ll be in touch when your state is added.

Your home may be worth more. Installation of a solar electricity power system may increase the value of your home. A comprehensive home resale study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy observes an average premium of $15,000 for residential properties installed with solar electrical power systems.3

You’re actually changing the world around you. Sustainable, renewable solar electricity reduces pollution in the air and carbon emissions worldwide. A typical 5kW system eliminates more than 4.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions every year. That’s equal to burning about 10 fewer gallons of gas every week or taking one car off the road every year.4

Your tax dollars come back home! If you purchase a solar system, a 30% federal tax credit — in effect through 2016 — could offset much of your installation cost. Depending on where you live2, state and local incentives may offset that cost even more. For available state incentives, go to the national database of solar incentives.

Solar May Not Be Right For You:

A roof-mounted solar system is not for everyone. Here are a few examples of why you may not be a candidate for going solar:

Too shady. Some roofs don’t get enough sun to generate sufficient electricity output.

Unsuitable roof. Some roofs are too steep, or need replacement or improvement before a solar array can go on. (Ask your GAF Solar Elite Contractor™ about roof improvement options.)

Don’t let time be a factor. Don’t have time for a home visit? Your GAF Solar representative has access to satellite imagery technology to remotely assess your location and architecture — and can even show you how a solar array will look on your roof to help aid your decision.

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How solar panels work. In 1954, scientists at Bell Labs discovered that silicon produces an electric charge when it’s exposed to sunlight. No moving parts were needed. The silicon simply reacts to the photons that the sun emits and generates a flow of electrons: electricity.

The solar panels on your roof do the same thing. A cable carries the electricity to an inverter, which converts the Direct Current from the solar array (more than one solar panel installed on a roof) into the Alternating Current used in your home.

When you’re producing more power than you use, the excess goes into your local power grid and your utility company may be required to credit your account.6 (Your GAF Solar Elite Contractor will check this for you.) At night or in bad weather, your home will draw power from the grid, like it does today. A two-way meter tracks the power that your roof is generating and what you pull from the grid. This is commonly referred to as net metering, which helps you realize the value of your solar roof system.

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