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Cobra FasciaFlow® Attic Intake Vent

“Failing to properly install intake ventilation can render your attic ventilation system virtually useless!”

Many homes in North America have inadequate attic ventilation systems. Inadequate attic ventilation can often be attributed to homes having little or no intake ventilation. Failing to properly install intake ventilation can render your attic ventilation system virtually useless.

Efficient attic ventilation systems are similar to the human body. Intake ventilation lets cool, fresh air into the system, similar to the body inhaling. Exhaust ventilation (commonly ridge vents) allows moist, warm air to exhaust from the system, similar to the body exhaling.

Cape Cod-style homes with no soffits, mansard roofs, or even vented roof deck systems are extremely challenging to properly ventilate, especially with intake ventilation. To make matters worse, homes with existing soffit or undereave vents can have ineffective intake ventilation because their vents have become clogged with dirt or have been painted over.

Good House Keeping Seal Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation is a key part of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, and has even earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. (See Details)

Today’s Solution to a 100-Year-Old Problem!

  • Delivers intake ventilation on tough-to-vent homes
  • Allows cool air to enter the attic space, driving warm and moist air out of the attic’s exhaust vents
  • Boosts the performance of existing soffit/undereave vents
  • Helps to prevent premature roof deterioration and roof rot in your attic
  • Helps guard against ice damming in harsh winter climates
  • Minimizes peeling and extends the life of exterior and interior paint
  • Limits the growth of harmful mold or mildew

Product Specifications

Size: 12' x 6" x 1.25" (4 m x 153 mm x 31.8 mm)
NFA: 9 Sq. In. per Lineal Foot (5,807 sq. mm per lm)
Pieces per Pallet: 49
Construction: PVC

Attic Ventilation
GAF recommends the use of Cobra® Ridge Vents with Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation for optimal performance

Homeowner’s Best Choice

  • Improves Your Attic Ventilation System… Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation allows cool, fresh air to enter your attic, helping to drive hot, moist air out of your attic’s exhaust vents. This greatly improves the efficiency of your attic ventilation system.
  • Safe… Resists wind-driven rain, snow and ice-dam infiltration
  • Looks Terrific… Ingenious design blends in perfectly with most popular residential trim systems. It’s even paintable for a custom look!
  • Insect Guard… Helps protect your attic space from insect, bird, or pest infiltration.
  • Maintenance Free… Unlike wood or other traditional fascia materials, Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation is designed with PVC for years of maintenance-free performance.
  • Works with Gutter Systems… Tested to withstand the weight of residential gutters fully loaded with rain, ice, or snow. (See Details)
  • Peace of Mind… Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs. (See Details)

installation image 1

Contractors Rely on Cobra FasciaFlow® Intake Vent**

“Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation finally allows me to offer my customers a safe and easy solution for providing intake ventilation on homes with little to no soffits.”
Dominic Pagnozzi – President
On Top Of It Construction Inc., Wading River, NY

“Properly ventilating mansard roofs has always been a challenge, especially the intake venting. Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation finally provides us a true solution that performs and looks fantastic too!”
Ron Hall – Sales Manager
Russell Roofing, Oreland, PA

“Until recently we’ve had to hand-fabricate our intake vents for homes without soffits, which can be labor intensive. Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation allows us to install an intake vent and fascia board in one step that looks great and improves the home’s attic ventilation performance.”
Richard Tavella – President
Rick’s Main Roofing Ltd., Norwalk, CT

**Contractors were given free product by GAF to test its capabilities

intake airflow graph
time to evacuate attic air graph
  • Data from 2012 GAF ASTM E741 testing
  • Testing done in accordance with 1/150 balanced attic ventilation requirements
  • 0-2 mph wind speed

Contractor’s Best Choice

  • The Perfect Solution… Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation’s patented design delivers critical intake ventilation on tough-to-vent properties such as homes with little or no soffits, mansard roofs, and even vented roof decks
  • Maximum Airflow… Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation provides a full 9 sq. in. (5,807 sq. mm) of NFA (Net Free Area) to deliver cool intake airflow into the attic ventilation system
  • Improves Existing Intake Ventilation… When used in conjunction with existing soffit/undereave vents (See Details)
  • Easy to Use… Can be cut and formed just like wood without special tools or equipment
  • Convenient Lengths… 12' (4 m) lengths are easy to handle and result in fewer joints for an excellent finished look
  • Fastening Made Easy… Built-in fastening ribs, with 8" (203 mm) on-center rafter guides, help to ensure proper fastening with maximum holding power
  • Works With Attic Rafter Systems… Specifically designed to work with 16" or 24" (406 mm or 609 mm) on-center residential attic rafter systems
  • Versatile… Works great on remodeling and new construction jobs
  • Preformed Side Laps… Helps ensure maximum resistance to weather infiltration at the vertical joints between Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation sections

4 Easy Steps To Install Cobra FasciaFlow®
Premium Intake Ventilation on Existing Structures...

(Always see complete installation instructions available from GAF)


Miami Dade

Florida Building Code
Texas Department of Insurance Product Evaluation RV-80

The Ventilation calculations below are based on a minimum 1:300 attic ventilation requirement.

(Always consult local building codes for attic ventilation requirements in your area.)
Total Attic Square Recommended Length of Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation (Feet) Minimum Exhaust Ventilation (Net Free Area in Sq. In.)
1600 43 387
1900 51 459
2200 59 531
2500 67 603
2800 75 675
3100 83 747
3400 91 819

Cobra FasciaFlow® Premium Intake Ventilation has 9 sq. in./lineal ft. of net free ventilating area.

NOTE: Always have a balanced ventilation system. In no case should the amount of exhaust ventilation at the ridge exceed the amount of intake ventilation.


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Get Automatic Lifetime Protection On Your Cobra FasciaFlow® Vents and Your Entire GAF Roofing System!

  • A Lifetime ltd. warranty... on your shingles and all qualifying GAF accessories! (See Details)
  • Non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years (See Details)
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