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Tiger Paw Roof Deck Protection

Help Protect Your Home From Damaging
Moisture With Premium Roof Deck Protection

Premium-Quality Roof Deck Protection Can Protect And Beautify At The Same Time!

Premium-quality roof deck protection should protect your home by providing a critical extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck. It helps prevent wind-driven rain (or water from other sources) from infiltrating under your shingles and causing damage to your roof structure, or to the inside of your home. In addition, premium-quality roof deck protection will:

  • Help reduce damaging moisture that can become trapped on your roof deck
  • Provide longer-lasting leak protection than conventional “felts”
    (which can rot or become brittle before your shingles reach their useful life)
  • Help your shingles lie flat and uniform, for a better-looking finished roof Good Housekeeping

Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection is a key part of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, and has even earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. (See Details)

Homeowner’s Best Choice

  • Special Moisture-Control Design…
    Helps remove nearly twice as much damaging moisture from your roof deck as the leading synthetic non-breathable underlayment. (See Details)

  • Durable Construction…
    Non-asphaltic, polypropylene construction will not rot or become brittle (unlike conventional felts, that can disintegrate over time).
  • Better-Looking Roof…
    Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection resists wrinkling and buckling that can “telegraph” through your roof shingles and detract from its finished appearance.
      Lifetime Roofing Badge
  • Peace of Mind…
    Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs. (See Details)

Professional’s Best Choice

  • Safer for Installers…
    Specially designed surface helps provide excellent walkability for installers versus conventional felts or typical synthetic underlayments.
  • Deck-Side Coating…
    Anti-skid back coating helps improve walkability, while also helping to keep the roll stationary during installation.

  • Stronger…
    Synthetic, non-woven construction provides at least 600% (i.e. 7 times) greater tear strength than standard #30 felt. (See Details)

  • Less Chance of Blow-Off…
    Up to 147% higher nail pull-through strength than #30 felt helps keep the product in place. (See Details)

  • Faster Installation…
    48” wide roll provides 33% more coverage per course than traditional 36” wide felts
  • Lightweight…
    At 40 lbs. (18kg), it’s approximately 33% lighter than a roll of #30 felt.
  • Cooler to Work With…
    Light-grey surface is cooler in hot weather than conventional black felts.
  • Flexible Application…
    Recommended for use with asphaltic shingle roof systems. May also be used with non-asphaltic systems, such as slate, wood, metal, or tile. (See Details)

Product Specifications (Nom.)

  • Roll length: 250 ft. (76.2 m)
  • Roll width: 48 in. (1.22 m)
  • Roll weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg) per roll
  • Approx. coverage: 10 squares (1,000 sq. ft. [92.9 m2]) per roll (Excludes laps)

  • UV-stabilized polypropylene construction resists UV degradation for up to 180 days*
  • Meets or exceeds the physical requirements of ASTM D226 and D4869
  • Miami-Dade County Approved
  • ICC ESR-3286
  • Meets UL Class A fire rating when used with UL Class A rated roof coverings
  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • Listed with Texas Department of Insurance as an acceptable alternate roof underlayment

* 180-day UV resistance refers to standardized testing conducted to ensure the product will not physically degrade when exposed to UV. It is NOT related to withstanding water, snow, or wind. While Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection is water resistant, it is NOT WATERPROOF. DO NOT USE Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection as a temporary roof to protect property or possessions.

Note: Always use plastic cap nails or staples with plastic caps to install Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection.


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Get Automatic Lifetime Protection On Your Tiger Paw™ Roof Deck Protection and Your Entire GAF Roofing System!

  • A Lifetime ltd. warranty... on your shingles and all qualifying GAF accessories! (See Details)
  • Non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years (See Details)
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