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In 2001, owner Shawn Kalgren decided to make a career change that would ultimately set a new standard in the home renovation industry. He left the North Carolina school system to pursue a different type of service – Southern Home Services. Using his teaching skills in combination with his 15 years of home renovation experience, Shawn created a company whose values and principles are reflected by its “A+” craftsmanship and exemplary customer satisfaction. At Southern Home Services, “Exterior Renovation perfected by Superior Dedication” is not only our motto, but our pledge to every project we undertake and to every customer that puts their confidence in us. We can do this by bringing educational experience and trade expertise to the table so no customer is uninformed and no detail is overlooked.

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Training Excellence

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Signifies that this contractor has been awarded GAF’s Training Excellence Award.

Indicates that the contractor has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to ongoing technical training and continuous improvement — for superior roof installation.

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Signifies that this contractor has committed to recycle shingles from tear offs where available and operate business in an otherwise sustainable manner.

Indicates that the contractor is committed to sustainable practices, working to reduce his company’s negative effect on the environment.

Habitat for Humanity Roofer

Habitat For Humanity Roofer:

Signifies that this contractor has been awarded GAF and Habitat for Humanity's "Community Contractor" designation.

Indicates that the contractor has participated in at least two Habitat for Humanity projects, donating his time and labor and demonstrating a commitment to his local community and helping those in need.

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