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GAF scientists have created a breakthrough in thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing membrane technology, called EverGuard Extreme® TPO. This technology not only results in next-generation performance against heat aging and UV degradation (the two key performance characteristics directly related to roof system longevity), but also exceeds all key ASTM standards for TPO membranes. Why settle for standard TPO when you can get the Advanced Protection® EverGuard Extreme® TPO for your property?

EverGuard Extreme® TPO Far Exceeds
The Performance Of “Standard” TPO Membranes

Standard TPO roofing sold today simply cannot match the performance of EverGuard Extreme®. It uses a proprietary formulation of stabilizers and UV absorbers to achieve performance levels far beyond current roofing standards. To prove it, we tested EverGuard Extreme® TPO against other standard TPO membranes for the two key performance attributes most-highly sought after in TPO membranes: heat aging and UV weathering. The results were astounding—which is why we back EverGuard Extreme® TPO with the industry’s best guarantees: up to 35 years!

Watch the EverGuard® TPO Presentation Video (For U.S. Use Only)
Read the Professional Roofing article, A Study of Longevity.

EverGuard Extreme® TPO Has More Than Double The Performance Of Standard TPO Membranes In Heat-Aging Tests...

Why is this important? Because heat can severely degrade standard TPO membranes over time. So we tested EverGuard Extreme® TPO against the three leading standard TPO membranes at 280°F—a temperature beyond the most rigorous proposed ASTM tests. As you can see in the chart (and the unretouched photos below), EverGuard Extreme® TPO significantly outperformed the competition when exposed to damaging heat.

extreme TPO chart

See The Proof...

TPO Testing Proof

EverGuard Extreme® TPO Far Exceeds Standard TPO Membranes In UV Weathering Tests...

Based on the ASTM D6878 Xenon Arc Weatherometer testing method, EverGuard Extreme® TPO far exceeds the performance of standard TPO membranes—more than double in most cases.

Why is that important? Because the ASTM weathering test is a proxy for how well the membrane will stand up to the long-term ravages of UV degradation, the key destroyer of long-term TPO membrane performance.

extreme TPO chart

We Even Tested EverGuard Extreme® TPO Using The Most Severe Testing Method We Know...

The Atlas Ultra Accelerated Weathering System (UAWS) is the ultimate test for TPO membranes because it combines concentrated UV, heat, and light into one torturous test. Even under these ultra-extreme conditions, EverGuard Extreme® TPO lasted over 265 days—the equivalent of over 45 years in the harsh climate of southern Florida. Imagine how long it would last on your roof!

TPO Extreme Testing

Plus, EverGuard Extreme® TPO Exceeds All Of The
Performance Standards Of ASTM D6878...

Not only does EverGuard Extreme® TPO exceed the weathering and heat-aging standards of D6878, but its performance in all of the other critical performance measures far exceeds the minimum requirements—in most cases by more than double.

TPO Performance eChart

Leading The Industry In High Heat Protection

New! 50 mil & 70 mil EverGuard Extreme® TPO:
Your New “Everyday” Choices In TPO

GAF introduced 50 mil and 70 mil versions of EverGuard Extreme® Advanced Protection® TPO. These are the same formulations as the 60 mil and 80 mil versions, with virtually identical weathering characteristics.

What does that mean for you? 50 mil EverGuard Extreme® TPO offers superior performance to standard 60 mil TPO—but for virtually the same price! The same is true for 70 mil EverGuard Extreme®TPO, which is similar in price to standard 80 mil TPO, but with superior performance.

With EverGuard Extreme® TPO, you’ll never have to choose between performance and price— you’ll get both. And with new 50 mil and 70 mil, you’ll have more design choices than ever. So why use anything else?

EverGuard Extreme® Advanced Protection® TPO Offers
The Best Guarantees In The Industry:

EverGuard Extreme® Product/Installation Method Guarantee Length* Special Comments
50 mil (mechanically attached) 20 yrs. Use 50 mil EverGuard Extreme® to replace competitive brands’ 60 mil TPO
50 mil (fully adhered)
60 mil (mechanically attached)
25 yrs.  
60 mil (fully adhered)
70 mil (all)
80 mil (mechanically attached)
30 yrs. Use 70 mil EverGuard Extreme® to replace competitive brands’ 80 mil TPO
80 mil (fully adhered) 35 yrs.**  
* See EverGuard® Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee for complete coverage and restrictions. Not eligible for WellRoof® Guarantee Extension.
** 35yr NDL Guarantees are not Eligible for Well Roof Guarantee Extension
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