StreetBond® StreetPrint® Templates


Wire rope cable stamping templates for textured, imprinted, and stamped asphalt. The templates are constructed of 3/8" swaged wire rope pieces welded together to create a pattern.

Template designs can range from traditional brick patterns to customized motifs and logos. The wide variety of brick, cobblestone, and slate stamped asphalt patterns used to create the impressions are made from a specially woven and swaged steel wire rope that is flexible, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of the compaction equipment used to drive the templates into a hot asphalt surface.

After stamping, all imprinted surfaces should be coated with StreetBond® Pavement Coating to preserve and protect the asphalt surface.

Standard Templates

Offset Brick

Diagonal Herringbone

Standard Herringbone

Ashlar Slate

British Cobble

Frisco Cobble

Random Cobble




Offset Tile

Diagonal Tile



Thompson Stone


Note: Round, Arch, and Stacked Brick templates are also available.

Custom Templates

Standard templates are always the most economical and efficient solution, but if the customer or project requires a custom solution, custom templates are available. Please note that custom templates are subject to design and jig fees. Installation and manufacturing processes place some limitations on what can and cannot be done, and on what looks aesthetically pleasing.

When welds are closer or spanning farther than recommended, a number of problems can occur: welding difficulties, dense/heavy templates, or flimsy, nonrigid templates. The spacing between the welds should be a minimum of 3" (76 mm) apart, and a maximum of 12" (305 mm) apart.


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