Elastomeric Roofing - TOPCOAT EPDM Coating

TOPCOAT® EPDM System Cleaner


TOPCOAT® EPDM System Cleaner is a low viscosity, rinseable primer used to clean and prepare EPDM roofs before applying TOPCOAT® Coatings.

  • Removes mica from EPDM surface

  • Promotes adhesion of coating

  • Water-based

  • Spray application

  • Rinses off with water

Application Instructions

Apply at temperatures above 42°F (5.56°C) and below 120°F (48.89°C). Apply TOPCOAT® EPDM System Cleaner with a pump sprayer at an application rate of 500 square feet (46.45 m2) per gallon (3.79 l). Use a 3'-4' (.91-1.21 m) arc pattern and allow cleaner to stand for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remove TOPCOAT® EPDM System Cleaner with a commercial power washer slowly from the surface; this will remove mica and inorganic release agents. Once the surface is dry, coating can begin. NOTE: Before applying a coating, it is recommended to perform an adhesion test to ensure a good bond of the coating to the substrate.


KEEP SPILLS OF PRODUCT AS SUPPLIED OUT OF MUNICIPAL SEWERS AND OPEN BODIES OF WATER. DO NOT DISCHARGE CLEANING RUNOFFS DIRECTLY TO OPEN BODIES OF WATER. Although the cleaning runoff is greatly diluted with water, you should consult your local municipality regulations regarding this discharge. In some cases, you may be required to capture and dispose of this runoff according to local disposal regulations.


Avoid temperature extremes during storage; ambient temperature preferred. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool place. Keep containers tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place.

For Application Questions

Contact GAF Technical Services at 1-800-766-3411 or visit gaf.com.

Appearance & Odor Light pink liquid
Flash Point Non combustible
Evaporation Rate < 1.00 water
pH (Undiluted Product) 13.0-13.5
Solubility in Water Complete
Vapor Pressure 17.00 mmHg @ 68°F (20°C)
VOC with water (lbs/gal) No data
Boiling Point 212°F (100°C)
Melting Point 32°F (0°C)
Percent Volatile 87-89%
Size 44.6 lbs. (20.23kg)


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