Built-Up Roofing (BUR) - GAFGLAS Stratavent Eliminator Perforated

Perforated Base Sheet


GAFGLAS® STRATAVENT® Perforated Base Sheet is a premium-grade roofing felt constructed around a strong glass fiber mat and high quality asphalt. The bottom of the sheet is granule-surfaced to provide positive venting of any trapped gases under the roof membrane.

  • GAFGLAS® STRATAVENT® Perforated Base Sheet is available for nailable and non-nailable substrates.

  • GAFGLAS® STRATAVENT® Perforated Base Sheet is unique in the industry: its patented perforated design allows mopping asphalt to flow through to the substrate as the next ply of the roof system is installed. The flow-through asphalt uniformly bonds the GAFGLAS® STRATAVENT® Perforated Base Sheet and the subsequent roof system to the substrate


GAFGLAS® STRATAVENT® Perforated Base Sheet is a venting base sheet designed to be used in various GAFGLAS® built-up and RUBEROID® modified bitumen roofing systems. It can be used over both nailable and non-nailable substrates, including certain existing old roof surfaces and isocyanurate foams.


  • Provides for venting of pressurized gases beneath the roofing membrane

  • Fire resistant — for use in UL, ULC Class A rated assemblies

  • In recover applications, provides an effective means for separating the new roofing membrane from the existing roof system

  • Provides consistent, uniform spot-attachment of the roofing membrane

  • Wind uplift-resistant; FMRC Approved up to Class 1-345 (See FM Approval Guide for details)

  • Can be installed in all climate zones

  • System guarantees are available for up to 20 years

Applicable Standards
Meets ASTM D4897, Type II and D3672 Type II
FM Approved
Meets CGSB-37-GP-56M
ICC ESR # 1274
Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval
State of Florida Product Approval
Texas Department of Insurance
UL/ULc Listed

Product Specifications (Nominal)
Roll Size 1.26 squares
(133.4 gross sq. ft.) (12.4 m2)
Roll Length 40.6' (9.9 m)
Roll Width 39.375' (1.0 m)
Approx. Roll Weight 67 lbs (30.39 kg)


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