Built-Up Roofing (BUR) - VersaShield Fire Barrier

Versashield® SOLO™ Fire Resistant Slip Sheet

is a unique, patent-pending Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet for installation within roofing assemblies where an increased fire rating is desired.

  • Highest Fire Ratings…
    One layer of VersaShield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet qualifies for UL Class A Fire Ratings over combustible decks with no incline limitations

  • Reduced Installation Cost…
    One layer of Versashield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet will reduce installation costs when compared to other fire-resistant slip sheets that require multiple layers to achieve equivalent fire ratings

  • Eliminates Gypsum-Based Boards……
    One layer of Versashield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet may produce fire ratings equivalent to gypsum boards at significant labor and material savings

  • Easier For Installers…
    Six-foot-wide sheet will cover the roof 50% faster than competitive products

  • Safer For Installers…
    Slip resistant walking surface improves traction on steep slopes

  • Direct Replacement…
    One layer of Versashield® Solo™ Fire-Resistant Slip Sheet qualifies as a direct replacement for Elk FB-1S and FB-2S UL Rated Roofing Systems

  • Dimensions…
    6' X 166.7' (1.83 m X 50.8 m ) Nominal

  • Weight…
    110.2 lbs. ( 50 Kg ) Nominal

Packaging & Storage

  • 12 rolls per pallet: 4 rolls laid horizontally, 3 layers high
  • 22 pallets per truck, double stacked, 264 rolls / trucks
  • Double stacking is permissible
  • Pallet dimensions: 74'' x 48'' ( 1.9m x 1.2m )
  • Product must be stored protected from precipitation, moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures

Part of a UL Classified System when used as a component of a rated assembly over combustible and non-combustible decks.

Physical Properties
Tensile MD ASTMD D146/D828 40 lb./in-width min.
Tensile CMD ASTMD D146/D828 20 lb./in-width min.
Tear MD ASTM D1922 300 grams min.
Tear CMD ASTM D1922 400 grams min.


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