Frequently Asked Questions - Regarding CRRC

Q: What is the CRRC?
CRRC stands for Cool Roof Rating Council. The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is an independent and non-biased organization that has established a system for providing Building Code Bodies, Energy Service Providers, Architects & Specifiers, Property Owners and Community Planners with accurate radiative property data on roof surfaces that may improve the energy efficiency of buildings while positively impacting our environment.

Q: What is the primary purpose of the CRRC?
The purpose is to provide accurate reflectivity and emissivity data on roof surfaces with specimens tested to specific ASTM test methods by an Accredited Independent Test Laboratory and then sent on for aging at the CRRC Approved Test Farm for three years. The aged results will then be listed on the CRRC website.

Q: Can products that don’t have high reflectance and emissivity values be listed on the CRRC website?
Yes. Many steep slope roofing products have been tested by the specified test methods for reflectance and emissivity but have values considerably lower than most reflective low-slope products. Remember, the CRRC organization is a “clearing house” for information on roof surfacing materials tested by specific test methods and in specific conditions.

Q: What are the ASTM test methods for testing reflectance and emissivity that CRRC  allows?
Solar Reflectance tests per ASTM C 1549, E 903 or E 1918. Thermal Emittance tests can be either ASTM C 1371 or ASTM E 408.

Q: Where can I find products that are CRRC listed?
The CRRC maintains a website-

Q: Does GAFMC produce products that are listed on the CRRC website and have CRRC labelling?
Yes, see the products that are found under GAF at the website above.

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