WeatherSide Fiber-Cement Siding


Where Can I Purchase GAF Weatherside™ Fiber-Cement Siding?

Texas Department of Insurance Product Evaluation EC-64

Florida Building Code Approval FL14822

WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding

Fantastic for Repairing Old Asbestos Siding...

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  • Perfect Design...

    Virtually identical in size and shape to millions of old non-existent siding shingles installed over the last 50 years

  • Safe...

    WeatherSide™ fiber cement siding contains NO asbestos

  • Avoids Hassles and Expenses...

    Great for repairing damaged shingles, siding small additions or even changing windows without the expense of new siding for the whole house

  • Easy Installation...

    After properly removing the old siding*, simply nail the WeatherSide™ siding in place and paint

  • Pre-Primed...

    Ready to be painted to match existing wall color

  • Virtually No Maintenance...

    Won’t warp, dent, rot, expand, contract and even resists termite infiltration

  • Fire Safe...

    WeatherSide™ fiber cement siding meets or exceeds UL approved non-combustible testing (ASTM E136 & UL 723)

Great For New Construction…

  • Proven Technology...

    WeatherSide™ fiber cement siding is fireproof, durable and resistant to freeze-thaw conditions
  • Fast Installation...

    Unlike some other fiber cement siding products, WeatherSide™ does not require caulking at every joint
  • Classic Look...

    Distinctive beauty unavailable in other siding products
  • Pre-Primed...

    Comes with a flat white primed surface, ready for painting
  • Peace Of Mind...

    Backed by a 25-year ltd. warranty

    *We recommend that any removal and disposal of asbestos-containing products be done by a professionally trained asbestos removal contractor.

Purity™ Shingle
Wavy (shown) - Textured surface available
with straight, wavy or thatched edges
Specifications Straight/Wavy Thatched
Size: 12" x 24" 12" x 24"
Exposure: 11" 10-1/2"
Thickness: 11/64" 11/64"
Pcs./Bundle: 18 19
Bundles/Sq.: 3 3
Sqs./Pallet 20 20
Lbs./Sq.: 168 186

Emphasis™ Shingle
Thatched (shown)
Extra-thick, thatch-edged shingle with wood-grain texture
Specifications Emphasis
Size: 14-5/8" x 25-5/32"
Exposure: 13"
Thickness: 9/32"
Pcs./Bundle: 11
Bundles/Sq.: 4
Sqs./Pallet 10
Lbs./Sq.: 268
Profile™ Shingle
Straight (shown)
Striated surface
Specifications Profile 9 Profile 12 Profile 14
Size: 9" x 32" 12" x 24" 14-5/8" x 32"
Exposure: 8" 11" 13-5/8"
Thickness: 11/64" 11/64" 11/64"
Pcs./Bundle: 19 18 11
Bundles/Sq.: 3 3 3
Sqs./Pallet 15 20 15
Lbs./Sq.: 177 165 171

Matching Accessories Available…
  • Siding Nails
  • Pre-Primed Individual Corners (9", 12", 14", and Emphasis™)
  • Backer Strips (9", 12", and 14")


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