Ductwork - Plenums and Air Returns

Plenums & Air Returns

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Ductboard Plenums

Ductboard Plenum Kits

The Master Flow Duct Board Plenum attaches to the furnace supply or return. It provides a box to create duct runs. The insulation board reduces ventilation system noise and condensation for improved system performance.

  • Can be cut to size and used in other insulating applications
  • Helps reduce energy costs & saves on energy bills
  • Installs on Furnace

Return Air Boxes

Return Air Boxes

A Return Air Box provides a connection between a ceiling grill and the duct system. These products either come with an existing collar or allow you to cut your own opening and install a collar to attach pipe or flexible duct as needed.

  • 30-gauge zinc-coated, galvanized steel construction provides durability
  • Traditionally used in a ceiling or wall application as an air return chamber

Galvanized Panning

Galvanized Panning

Master Flow Galvanized Panning is used to seal the underside of the floor joist space to create a return duct. It is constructed using 30-gauge galvanized steel and can be cut to size to suit a variety of applications.

  • 30-gauge galvanized steel provides durability and sturdiness
  • Seals the underside of the floor joist space to create a duct run to channel air back through the air return system
  • 16in. width is equal to the distance of joist spacing, which enables the panning to be nailed or screwed directly into the wood
  • Can be cut to size to fit a variety of applications

Professional Installation
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